There Will Be No other Woman Better Than I am.

I'm Saicy. Turning 18 this 2012 (in advance)
I love Taekwondo for many reasons, I talked so loud all the time but real friends, love me for being me.
I love Vampires coz' It's freakin cool. I'm Gorgeous as what others noticed. (Hahaha) Ü
I love outdoor meetings, Mallings, I also love group date and other date. Ü Last May22,2011 I have been converted to islam religion for my own reason.

I'm very approchable person, Sort of Maldita, But I'm a fighter. I treasure all my Friends. And i love them. Ü I'm simple and unique. I'm so kind in my own little way. I don't hate my haters because if I did I'm also a hater. Ü

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